Vlife Insurance


Hello, I am your insurance policy

You and I have similar purposes in this world.

It is your job to provide food, clothes, house, school, medicine and many more to your loved ones. You do this while I am kept away at home.

I trust you. The cost of my existence comes from your salary. Someday we will switch places.

When you are resting in peace and are not in this world, I will come to life and do your job. I will provide everything your family will be needing from now on, just as you do today. You can continue providing through me. Whenever you think I am an unnecessary expense, remember I will be there for your family.

Life insurances do not insure life, they provide for your family without becoming financially devastated.

Most life insurances request medical exams, blood tests and medical records before providing and insurance policy.

Many people are not eligible to be insured and they might even not know. We recommend you adquire a life insurance while you are healthy and elegible. Applying early can make you obtain better rates.

A Vlife Insurances representative will gather your information today and obtain approval in 48 hours. Vlife Insurances works directly with insurance companies and uses and advanced system for approval to accelerate the approval times. Fill out a form online or call us at 1-800 842-8260 or through WhatsApp 786-924-3748.

For this, we need to apply the DIME method:

Debt… Total, credit cards, loans and other debts.

Income… Replaced salary and income for the next 10 years.

Mortgage… Total mortgage or rents.

Education… A yearly amount for 4 years per child.

TOTAL….  Coverage you need

Many people buy policies for $100K, $200K or $ 300K, but it might not be enough.

The DIME method provides a simple formula for calculating your life insurance coverage.


The following analysis provides a good base to understand how insurances work.

Insurance policies are based on the cost of the insurance.

The cost rises each year due to the risk of death while growing old.

It is also based on your health. For instance, the risk is greater for smokers. And for women the risk is lower due to life expectation.

Some people refer to this insurance as temporary, since it has a defined period of time. All people has different terms.

Terms: 5, 10, 20, 30 years.

The amount paid for your coverage is leveled during the whole term (e.g., 5 years). The cost will rise at the end of each term, typically much more than a renewable. The insurance company calculates the term during that term.

IUL Life Insurance

Insurances serve to protect you in case something happens.

This investment is for your future. On this perspective, insurances work in both sides.

Insurances with Lifetime Payouts give us the following benefits:

  • Higher initial costs
  • Flexible premium
  • No renovation necessary
  • Builds capital
  • Potential lifetime insurance
  • Better growth potential in the long run.

Funeral Concierge

This insurance is used to pay funeral costs. It helps you avoid a financial burden for your loved ones.

This product is easier to apply for people that do not qualify for a regular insurance. In many cases, people with health problems do qualify as well.